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John Pickerill


Shareholder, Advertising Attorney

Fredrikson & Byron

Advertising, Marketing & Trademark Practice 

John Pickerill is an advertising aIorney who regularly assists clients with the wide range of legal issues which converge in the marke9ng space, including ad copy and sweepstakes/promotions compliance, industry agreements, dispute resolution, content licensing, trademark planning, prosecution and enforcement, social media marketing issues, privacy and compliance issues, and the full spectrum of copyright maiIers.


Before law school, John spent 5 years at Carmichael Lynch as an advertising executive, helping clients like Harley-Davidson, Volvo Trucks and United Healthcare build strong brands and create great advertising. 

With our unique backgrounds and dedicated experience in the world of advertising, Fredrikson’s Advertising, Marketing & Trademark Group has the comfort level and confidence to provide smart, fast, creative and practical solutions to marketing and branding challenges. We’re up-to-speed on the business world and uniquely situated to hit the ground running, whether we’re managing an international trademark portfolio or finding creative ways to minimize advertising risk. We’re not patent or corporate attorneys moonlighting on advertising, trademark and copyright projects. We’re creative thinkers with creative backgrounds who provide clients with a true ally in protecting, enhancing and trouble-shooting your brand assets. 

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