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Craig Brooks


Craig Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Forae Factory, a creative agency based in Austin, Texas. With experience working on global brands including Michelob ULTRA, Bud Light Seltzer, Kraft Heinz, and Crunch Fitness, Craig’s portfolio of work has impressive reach across the country. After many years of collaboration with Fortune 500 chief marketers and strategists, it became an imperative space for Craig to create and elevate the importance of creative diversity. His work today with global executives is focused on increasing the representation of minorities and diverse thinkers in the work of tomorrow. 

Founder & CEO

Forae Factory, A Creative Agency

Our incredible speakers will share their knowledge with us over two days
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The 2023 AAF Central Region Conference will create a platform where everyone can connect, find a unique way to communicate, and celebrate together in what makes our industry great. In the end, we aspire to generate and elevate a positive perception of communication and storytelling to all attendees, while having a great time together.


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